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About Next Level

Next Level Performance is a private health and wellness coaching team, dedicated to reaching client’s fitness goals through personalized nutrition and training programming. Next Level Performance doesn’t treat personal training and coaching like a job, it’s an all encompassing lifestyle, built around developing client relationships in order to encourage each individual to reach his or her wellness goal. The Next Level Performance team takes pride in motivating clients to achieve goals which they never dreamed possible; your goals become our goals, and we don’t stop until we reach them together.   

What does Next Level Performance Offer?

Next Level Performance offers various customized nutritional and training programs, focusing primarily on:






Our Philosophy: Next Level Performance is not your typical fitness house. What do we believe? Well, that’s simple. We believe in natural health and well-being, but not at the expense of one’s life or family. Next Level Performance sets a high standard for self, team and client, without forgetting that you should be able to laugh and enjoy the process along the way.