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Nic Foxon - Accountability in the Making

Nic Foxon - Accountability in the Making

What is accountability? In this case, it’s an obligation to one’s self. It is the acceptance of responsibility for their own actions, it’s the disclosure of activities both positive and negative and the sharing of results in a transparent manner. It’s choosing to tell the truth to one’s self, to one’s coach and to you, the general public, about each food and training choice made over the next few months. Accountability is a terrifying position to assume, as there is no one else to point to for failure, especially when it comes to an action as self-driven as weight-loss.   

Nic Foxon is a coach, personal trainer and team mate at NXTLVL studios, in Kelowna, BC. Nic joined the team as a personal trainer about a year ago, after going through a personal transformation both physical and mental of his own. Nic lost 140lbs with Alan Dyck as his coach, and realized that he had the capacity to change other’s lives in the same way. After becoming certified, Nic joined the team and now helps clients realize these same dreams. A couple of weeks ago, Nic posted a blog article about his experience in losing this weight, and how it really changed not only his physical appearance and health, but who he was at his core. What Nic didn’t touch on much was what happens after you’ve lost nearly half your body weight and have to start living “normal life”. Over the next few months, Nic will share with us the process of cutting back about 30 lbs which have crept back over the last while. The journey of losing weight doesn’t end, and Nic’s honest and open accounts of how he deals with staying on track, the reality of slipping up, and the forces that keep him going will hopefully serve as inspiration for those that are reading, and recognizing these universal truths.

When undertaking an act like laying out your cards for the world to see, it’s important to remember that we are humans. We are flawed and we fail and we get over it and we carry on. Let’s support Nic as he reveals to us the ups and downs of the daily grind when it comes to keeping the weight off after years of conditioned poor behaviours with food; and help us to reinforce the life changing ways he’s learned over the course of his weight loss thus far; and give him the boost he needs to keep the weight off with less struggle.

When asking Nic how he feels about publicly posting that at times, he fights to keep his own diet on track, he responded with, “I feel okay about it, and I feel that I’m being real about it. When you have been heavy the majority of your life, it takes some time to completely erase old habits.”

Throughout the weekly changes, Nic will walk us through a few tricks of the trade, like how he adjusts food and cardio when the scale stalls. Nic will tell us what it’s like to check in with his own coach, even though he’s a trainer, and will describe what he can do himself and when he knows to ask for help.

When dieting down, there are some very common and ubiquitous happenings that we can all relate to. For Nic, the toughest part being the impact on social activities. If you’ve ever spoken with him, you’ll quickly realize that he gets his energy by being surrounded by other people. When living a strict food and beverage existence, attending functions, parties and social gatherings can become stressful instead of fun; he will share with us how he gets through these moments with success.

Nic has posted a quick intro video, explaining his goal over the next few months, and the reasons he believes he’s gotten slightly off track. Subscribe to the Next Level Performance YouTube channel to receive his weekly video posts to your inbox. His aim to lose 30 lbs is very achievable and he’s taking us along for the ride. Buckle up!    


Authored by Becky Parisotto | Becky is a client of Next Level Performance, a so-so athlete, and a decent cook, clean-eater, blogger and head chef at

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