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When entering a bodybuilding competition, you will be required to present a fixed set of poses based on the category in which you enter. It’s a paramount component in preparing for a competition; through the process of training and dieting down for a show, you may be the front-runner of the group, but if you do not know how to present your full package to best showcase yourself, placement can be compromised. It’s often thought that stage presence and ensuring that you don’t appear as if you are a “rookie” (even if you are!) weigh heavily into the judge’s score cards.

Do I need a posing coach?

A posing coach is ideal both for the first time competitor, as well as the seasoned athlete. Getting sincere, professional and qualified feedback from Nationally qualified athletes, whom have stage experience can be the difference between showing, and winning. Any athlete wanting to develop stage presence, learn comfort and exude confidence would benefit from one-on-one posing instruction. The entire goal of posing practice and coaching is to hear first hand your strengths and weaknesses in presentation in a positive fashion, and train to become better in how you present all of your hard work.

What is included in a posing session?

  • Instruction on how to run through each mandatory pose
  • Teaches you how to specifically display your strengths & mask weaknesses
  • Advice on developing a practice schedule leading up to the show so you don’t fatigue on stage
  • Individual constructive critiques with take-aways to work on week over week between sessions

What costs are associated with posing coaching sessions?

Posing coaching sessions can be conducted privately or in groups. It is recommended to participate in posing lessons either once or twice per week, throughout the 12 weeks prep leading up to your competition. Single private sessions are also available for competitors looking to gain an additional edge. Sessions are in-person at the NLP posing studio in Kelowna, BC; but for remote clients, we can consult via FaceTime or Skype, please contact for details.


About the Physique Posing Coach - Ryan Villeneuve

Ryan Villeneuve is the Next Level Performance physique category posing coach. As a coach he focuses on preparation and detail to showcase a competitor’s best attributes on stage. Through these focuses, his students can bring poise, calm and confidence to the stage.

Ryan has been competing in the BCABBA since 2014 in the physique category. He entered the sport as many of his close friends were into bodybuilding, and competing from an early age; so as being surrounded by the lifestyle, it was a natural draw to try it. Strength training added an important component to his extra curricular sporting activities as well, allowing him to excel in speed and conditioning. Ryan has committed to fitness as a path and lifestyle, taking command of his physical appearance and undeniable results.  

Ryan first competed in the BCABBA in the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic in 2015, placing third. This qualified him for BC Provincials in 2015. He competed at Provincials this same year, placing sixteenth. He then undertook the Popeye’s Fall Classic in 2016, and took second place in his category. This sent him back to the BC stage in 2016, where he placed third. This placement qualified him for the 2017 National stage.

Read his full bio, here.

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