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Prep Coach - Nicole Lozinski

Nicole Lozinski is a Canadian National Figure Competitor, having first hit the national stage in 2015. Nicole’s fitness journey began in 2011, deciding that she wanted to enter into the Sandra Wickham Competition as a “bucket list” item, thus connecting with Personal Trainer, Alan Dyck, to begin her education and training process; she had no idea where this was going to take her.

After years of dedication to the sport of bodybuilding, Nicole is now part of the NXTLVL team as a competition prep coach. Nicole specializes in dieting athletes for shows, off-season coaching and reverse dieting.


Nicole’s philosophy in coaching is all about listening to her clients, and tailoring her programs into results. Nicole’s ability to adapt to client’s needs, and respond based on first-hand stage experience is what makes her a trusted and balanced coach, working for your goals as hard as you are. Her stage experience makes her a secret weapon for others who want to hit the stage with every edge and asset available.

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