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About Kevin Lutz

Kevin Lutz is a Kinesiologist through the BCAK and a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer.  Kevin offers personal training packages that cover everything from strength training, injury prevention, chronic pain management, nutritional guidance and body re-composition.
Kevin's approach combines his experience as a competitive powerlifter and coach with his expertise in human movement to deliver excellent gains in strength and muscle mass while decreasing pain and chance of injury.  His goal is to not only make sure his clients are making progress but are doing so in a way that allows them to participate in fitness for a long time.
Two years into his lifting career Kevin competed at his first powerlifting meet at the age of eighteen and has not looked back.  Competing at the world level twice in two separate federations, along with now coaching the Special Olympics Kelowna Powerlifting team, he has an eye for detail and knows the ins and out of programming and prioritization for strength and muscle gain.
If you are coming back from an injury or experience nagging, chronic pain, Kevin can put his degree in Human Kinetics to good use to address mobility issues, imbalances or improper movement patterns to get you feeling great again.
Whether you are new to fitness and just want to know how to start, or you've been in the gym for years but your gains are starting to stall, book with Kevin today to start seeing progress!
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