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About Brandon McCallum

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Brandon McCallum - Health & Lifestyle Trainer, Sports Conditioning Coach, Kinesiologist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist. With a Bachelor's Degree in Human Kinetics and Sociology minor at UBC along with the experience of playing on the UBC Okanagam Heat men's varsity soccer team for the duration of his degree, the understanding of the body, mind and desire to succeed are well represented within Brandon's educational and experiential background. Brandon has a multidisciplinary approach to results-based training, whether you're training to become a pro athlete or trying to lose 20 pounds. 
His passion and dedication for training has been lifelong as he's been making, hitting and resetting his goals for over ten years; succeeding to become a starter on the University of British Columbia Okanagan Heat men’s soccer team after making the transition from small town Saskatchewan. His commitment to developing each and every client roots deeply from his own past experiences as each success in life on and off the pitch has unfolded from a belief in the process of hard work, dedication, drive and perseverance.

"Life doesn't owe you anything, the gift is the uphill battle, a challenge that's a pleasure to overcome."

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