Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 5 - Next Level Performance Fitness

Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 5

Jasmine's Transformation Diary - Week 5

Jasmine describes her weight loss journey so far, 5 weeks into the program with NXTLVL Trainer, Alan Dyck


Week 5

Week 5 got easier at it went along, my plateau eased up finally! I was starting to see more change on the scale and my overall physique. It has gotten better after the disappointment in myself last week and my attitude is more positive with the changes. Alan has been there for me every step of the way, any time I have needed to text him or ask him anything, he always answers. He asked me to increase my water intake to 4 litres instead of 3, which my body is slowly adjusting to. I hit my goal of 216lbs, so Alan gave me a cheat meal.... and I had tacos!! He told me explicitly not to weigh myself for 3 days after. I forgot and weighed after 2 days and told him afterwards. Looking at the scale after 2 days was painful, I nearly threw up. I hadn't realized it takes 3 days for your body to flush the bad food out. After that, I'm ready to hit my next goal of 205! - Jas

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